27 September 2008

socks, socks, socks.

finished my first pair of socks--wasn't too impressed so i donated them to my sister :) her feet were cold
i am trying again with my brother's socks that i'm making for his birthday--his birthday is next friday (oct. 3rd) i think i might have to finish one and see how it fits him and then go from there.
i should start a holiday stocking for travis soon enough and pick up my sockdown socks again. i've restarted jaywalkers so many times and i'm thinking of doing a gauge swatch because it is discouraging. without my needle gauge thingy it makes it hard to be sure of some of my DPN sizes.
i am also doing a quick cowl out of debbie bliss cashmerino in a soft yellow color its great mindless seed stitch--i love seed stitch!!! its so pretty. can't wait to wear it when the weather is cold. anyways that is all for now : )

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