16 December 2009

christmas knitting is coming along!

i have been knitting a lot! the best part is i have a lot of FO's to show off after the holidays! these are the latest little knitting--many more to make but these are the christmas Korknisse that i'm making at the moment. happy knitting

05 November 2009

Lettuce for Janice

love this yarn, love this pattern--so far organized Christmas knitting is going well. since i know my mom doesn't even know about this blog it's okay to post this one!

recently, i have been attempting to switch over to continental knitting and this project is my first TOTALLY continental project since i first learned to knit. I (like EZ) learned to knit continental but was then lead astray and began solely using English style knitting. i have finally conquered the continental purl and feel very confident knitting. hopefully this will mean faster knitting and greater efficiency= less pain in my hands!
happy knitting!

29 October 2009

Tae's Entrelac

I hope this scarf lasts my friend a long time and that he enjoys wearing it! Feels good to finish things--which is something I NEVER do.

24 September 2009


contemplating baby boy blankets

i would much rather use some type of natural fiber but i really want to make this cheaply and very user friendly. this will be gifted to a non-knitter! any yarn suggestions?

18 September 2009

texture for tae

i'm beginning the task of knitting a scarf for my co-worker. guys are harder to knit for in my opinion. i settled on entrelac for now. he wanted some texture and i like the woven look of entrelac. i also want to finish this scarf relatively soon-- and entrelac is just so enjoyable!

i just learned how to knit backwards through this video! if you hate purling like me check it out.

i am almost finished my sweater and i will take pictures of it when i'm finished. i can't wait to wear it at the new york sheep and wool festival in rhinebeck , ny! is anyone else going as well?

15 September 2009

christmas knitting

^ love this ornament! cannot wait to make something similar

so i'm thinking moccasin socks for my brother, maybe noble cowl for mom (i like this color), i won't say what i want to make for my sister--in case she reads this blog, not sure that my dad would want anything hand knit. we shall see how many things actually get made hopefully they all will get SOMETHING handmade : )
what are you making for Christmas this year? are you already thinking about it?

11 September 2009

to do list.

1. mail cute booties and hat to addalyn

2. finish super soft chocolate and lime cardigan

3. start scarf for friend at work

4. start Christmas knitting!

i think that is all for now

09 September 2009

aviatrix and booties for addalyn

i'm not much for good photos. but i'd rather post progress than nothing.

i LOVE this little baby hat. it has all the essentials-- unique, easy, fast, functional and super stylish! i will definitely be making this lovely little knit for lots of baby friends. aviatrix is a great pattern.

exciting news for tomorrow thursday september 10th, 2009. i am teaching someone to knit for the first time. i have never wanted to teach someone that i thought wouldn't really want to carry on knitting. i think i would only get satisfaction if i saw that the person tried their best and kept knitting (i know kind of silly). i hope that she loves knitting once she gets it down! ps. she can already crochet--major plus!
wish me luck

04 September 2009

one two buckle my shoe.

iphone picture will have to do for these little beauties.
these were just a side project from my cardigan and scarf that i am currently commited to. i want to definitely finish the sweater to wear to rhinebeck s&w mid-october. i cannot wait to go see all the sites with my sister. i've never been to a sheep and wool festival and i am not going to buy hardly any yarn until then. is anyone out there going to rhinebeck as well? i hope to meet lots of knitters there. have a happy holiday weekend. i'll be at TJ's all weekend, including monday.
ta ta for now.

17 August 2009

...little ripping

I am still super excited about my lovely sweater--I have ripped and taken a break for a few days. By adding more side shaping I am hoping to achieve the perfect fit! While talking to my sister I have decided on baby blue buttons for the chocolate and lime sweater...These are the current colors of my little living room. This will be the Chocolate and Lime sweater of South Columbus Street : )

06 August 2009

Chocolate and Lime

I am currently obsessed with my first adult size sweater. I am knitting a raglan cardigan from Laura Chau's pattern (ravelry) and the yarn that I purchased from Fibre Space in Old Town Alexandria is AMAZING. For only $10 a skein I get to knit with gorgeous fine spun wool from Shepherd's Wool. Great soft, non-fuzzy, sturdy yarn. My sweater is going to be striped with Lime Green and Milk Chocolate. I am loving seamless knitting so far. I have found that I do not finish projects...I love to start them but never finish. Therefore, if I do not have to seam anything I may actually wear this wonderful sweater! Wish me luck!

13 May 2009

new frontiers

Etsy...a wonderful world of handmade delicacies. I am going to join the list of many knitting sellers. Starting off simple with Organic Cotton Washcloths and maybe some baby booties.

Hope you come and visit me there as soon as I am set up!
shop address: