17 August 2009

...little ripping

I am still super excited about my lovely sweater--I have ripped and taken a break for a few days. By adding more side shaping I am hoping to achieve the perfect fit! While talking to my sister I have decided on baby blue buttons for the chocolate and lime sweater...These are the current colors of my little living room. This will be the Chocolate and Lime sweater of South Columbus Street : )

06 August 2009

Chocolate and Lime

I am currently obsessed with my first adult size sweater. I am knitting a raglan cardigan from Laura Chau's pattern (ravelry) and the yarn that I purchased from Fibre Space in Old Town Alexandria is AMAZING. For only $10 a skein I get to knit with gorgeous fine spun wool from Shepherd's Wool. Great soft, non-fuzzy, sturdy yarn. My sweater is going to be striped with Lime Green and Milk Chocolate. I am loving seamless knitting so far. I have found that I do not finish projects...I love to start them but never finish. Therefore, if I do not have to seam anything I may actually wear this wonderful sweater! Wish me luck!