13 January 2010

babies babies everywhere

Hello Hello and Happy New Year!
I am currently making some baby things for my co-worker and then moving on to my two sister-in-laws who are due in March and then in July. I also have a slew of friends pregnant from college so when I finish with family there are plenty of babies to knit for.

I will also be moving soon to Asheville, North Carolina. I have always loved visiting Asheville--it is the perfect combination of artsy and down to earth. The mountains are amazing and the people are funky. I hope we will be there for a long time. If I can't find a yarn shop that suits my needs I guess I will just have to open one up! That's all for now.
Happy Knitting

16 December 2009

christmas knitting is coming along!

i have been knitting a lot! the best part is i have a lot of FO's to show off after the holidays! these are the latest little knitting--many more to make but these are the christmas Korknisse that i'm making at the moment. happy knitting

05 November 2009

Lettuce for Janice

love this yarn, love this pattern--so far organized Christmas knitting is going well. since i know my mom doesn't even know about this blog it's okay to post this one!

recently, i have been attempting to switch over to continental knitting and this project is my first TOTALLY continental project since i first learned to knit. I (like EZ) learned to knit continental but was then lead astray and began solely using English style knitting. i have finally conquered the continental purl and feel very confident knitting. hopefully this will mean faster knitting and greater efficiency= less pain in my hands!
happy knitting!

29 October 2009

Tae's Entrelac

I hope this scarf lasts my friend a long time and that he enjoys wearing it! Feels good to finish things--which is something I NEVER do.

24 September 2009


contemplating baby boy blankets

i would much rather use some type of natural fiber but i really want to make this cheaply and very user friendly. this will be gifted to a non-knitter! any yarn suggestions?

18 September 2009

texture for tae

i'm beginning the task of knitting a scarf for my co-worker. guys are harder to knit for in my opinion. i settled on entrelac for now. he wanted some texture and i like the woven look of entrelac. i also want to finish this scarf relatively soon-- and entrelac is just so enjoyable!

i just learned how to knit backwards through this video! if you hate purling like me check it out.

i am almost finished my sweater and i will take pictures of it when i'm finished. i can't wait to wear it at the new york sheep and wool festival in rhinebeck , ny! is anyone else going as well?