27 September 2008

socks, socks, socks.

finished my first pair of socks--wasn't too impressed so i donated them to my sister :) her feet were cold
i am trying again with my brother's socks that i'm making for his birthday--his birthday is next friday (oct. 3rd) i think i might have to finish one and see how it fits him and then go from there.
i should start a holiday stocking for travis soon enough and pick up my sockdown socks again. i've restarted jaywalkers so many times and i'm thinking of doing a gauge swatch because it is discouraging. without my needle gauge thingy it makes it hard to be sure of some of my DPN sizes.
i am also doing a quick cowl out of debbie bliss cashmerino in a soft yellow color its great mindless seed stitch--i love seed stitch!!! its so pretty. can't wait to wear it when the weather is cold. anyways that is all for now : )

03 September 2008

sockdown begins.

i'm finishing my practice socks before the YEAR OF THE SOCK begins. i'm finishing the toe on the second one now getting ready to graft both toes or give up if i can't do it and just bind off. i'm soooo excited the second sock FLEW by and i've been noticing a lot of people say the same thing.

now my first sock on sockdown '08-'09 is a JAYWALKER (my first!) and its in knitpicks pumpkin GLOSS that i used while making Thermal (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter06/PATTthermal.html)
but then i realized i'm not a sweater knitter...never finished it.
the socks are 70% merino and 30% silk may not be durable but TOTALLY SOFT! they meet the 70% orange requirement and i'm actually reallly excited about them.

pictures of my socks finished will be posted ASAP and the beginnings of jaywalkers in pumpkin will be coming as well : )