13 August 2008

sugar-n-cream and a new puppy!

I am working more on dishcloths from sugar and cream i'll take some pics when i get a bunch of them! I am pausing on socks because stockinette is taking its toll on me...ahhh i wanna make the toe! I am so close and i'll buckle down and do it.
I am still awaiting my near yarn for sockdown! 08-09 and i CAN'T wait. I should try to finish my first socks before starting new ones but it'll be really really hard. Please leave suggestions for any neat socks for maybe a 20 years old brother of mine? I do DPN's for socks--haven't ventured into the magic loop method yet. I also do cuff down as well. I thinking of trying the random ribbed sock--so cool and simple!

I love the pictures of these socks and its a very cute idea.

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