20 April 2008

nothing like french press coffee on a sunday morning.

i love waking up and drinking my awesome coffee on a lazy Sunday morning. i reserve french press coffee for weekends something about it makes me only want it when i can drink it at home--not in my car rushing to school.

i've been knitting a present for one of my best friends her birthday is the 29th of April. I am so proud that I actually thought this out and will hvae it totally finished for her birthday! this might be the first time ever.
i am also doing a bit of stash knitting with some thrift store old timey Wintuk (by red heart acrylic)not all that exciting but the color is great and the cables look pretty in it.

with the extra cashmerino from the first pair of 'fetching' i can't wait to make myself a pair. if you haven't tried these they are the fastest knit ever and just gorgeous. i'm in love.

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